A MakersPlace Exhibition For Women's Rights


On Friday, June 24, the United States Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade. We condemn the Supreme Court’s shocking decision and its impact on those affected.

Our mission at MakersPlace is to empower and amplify the voices of all artists and creators and to treat everyone who is a part of our community with inclusivity and equality regardless of race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, or political associations. We have not wavered from that mission.

For the month of July, MakersPlace is hosting a month-long curated exhibition highlighting women artists in the web3 space. Learn More



Artworks in the O(v.)erturned exhibition embody themes of empowerment, bodily autonomy and freedom, while calling attention to hardships faced and overcome by women in today's society.

Check back each Friday for a new selection of artwork championing these themes.

MakersPlace will donate 100% of its commission from this exhibition to the following nonprofits dedicated to protecting fundamental reproductive rights: The Brigid Alliance, The ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project, and Planned Parenthood.

We are doing this because it is the right thing to do and because we believe that art has the power to transform society through engagement, community, conversation, and education.

We stand with and will continue to amplify the voices of our artists and creators, collectors, partners, employees, and all women living in this country.