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Neoforms, curated by Neosutras (Pola Rubis and Lamonte Goode), is the first performance art NFT exhibition on MakersPlace. Dance and performance NFTs remain a burgeoning genre, unexplored by all but the most intrepid and curious practitioners. These web3 performers are elevating their genres while clearing the way for new means of expression.

For this special exhibit, guest curators Neosutras have brought a range of performers to MakersPlace. Not limited by one genre of performance, the exhibit includes breakdancers, trickers, acrobats, and more.

Performance duo Neosutras have built an innovative brand that focuses on progressive conscious art, crypto art, and education around mental and physical health in web2 and web3.

Neosutras are a multiracial couple who came together from different parts of the world to create a dancing art form that focuses on awakening human potential. Their practice is a symbiosis of multidisciplinary performance art and disciplines such as dance, yoga, photography, videography, body art, 3D, VR, AR, and digital design.