Weird Thangs

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Weird Thangs

What is weird?
Who determines what is weird?
And why does the word "weird" have a negative connotation??

Fvck that. I’m here to dispel that!
Cus I’m weird; You’re weird; We’re all weird. And that’s a good thing! And should be celebrated!

What is weird but a non-standard way of thinking? Thinking out of the box is "weird." Think about it.
Synonyms for weird are "rare, unique, different." No interesting problem, no conundrum, was ever resolved with "standard" thinking. Innovations don’t occur from people who think "normally!" New thought comes from people who create associations that are not usually made - and so by definition that must weird!
Our thought leaders, innovators, inventors, entrepreneurs, and even Superheroes are all, by definition, "weird."
But, last I checked, these people are actually cool and awesome!
They are who I wanted to become when I was growing up! Didn't you?
Therefore, weird is actually COOL and AWESOME!
So, go be weird!!

Let’s continue to be weird in order to continue:
standing out, thinking outside the box, resolving complex problems, and providing innovation!
And, of course, so we can be cool and awesome!

Here are some "weird" artworks that are unique, interesting, and make you think.
Hopefully, this exhibit makes you a bit more weird!
-From curator Hernán Ortiz


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