Motion Sickness


Patric Ortmann also known as MotionSickness is a Germany based Visual Artist. He worked for over a decade as a Motion Design Artist for Brands like Audi, Mercedes, VW and Nike as well as for events, concert visuals and mappings for The Weekend and many more renown artists.MotionSickness also produces some big audiovisual media installations for various brands. Over the last few years he developed a passion for looping 3D animations along with consensual looping Audio Productions. He is always fascinated by the technology around him and adapts new ways of thinking and production into his artworks. Learn More



Life is a constant flow of constant change. Have you ever asked yourself where these forces come from? The universal language of a power knot has been described by many cultures, but none have yet gotten to its core or seen any of the occult places where These Knots exist.

In „O∞ULT PLACES“ Patric Ortmann (MotionSickness) invites us to consider the origin of this power and the sacred occult times in which the knots twist forever and release their power into the universe and lead us into an audiovisual journey to four unique occult places where we can rest for a while…or for eternity…

Physical Goods

The winner of each respective auction will receive an exclusive Augmented Reality Artwork Print shipped anywhere worldwide. You can bring this Artwork Print to life with the help of your mobile phone using the free Artivive app. With your artwork, dip into the occult places at any time. You can find more Information about the physical artwork here: „O∞ULT PLACES“.


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