Asteroid Fields Forever

Costa Rican-born and Mexico-based designer, illustrator, and digital artist Monfa builds charming, child-like worlds from basic geometric shapes. His series of works illustrating remote, worn, and sometimes seemingly uninhabitable habitats, Monfa creates a lore without clearly drawn characters. In these pieces, the characters are implied by the place they live the same way footprints imply a certain species was here.

A sense of mystery and wonder pervades his body of work, whether it be peopled or un-. An astronaut fishing off a cliff. A floating lamppost. A humanoid 808 drum machine. A world-touring cardboard box named Henry.

“The subjects of my drawings are many, but I think I can summarize them as fantastic and almost real places, borrowed memories and almost forgotten dreams.” — Monfa Learn More



Beyond our time, when our planet became small, it was necessary to go out and find new places to live. Many packed their things and ventured into the unknown, many returned with stories, others did not return. Some found splendid places and majestic views, others just continued to wander through eternity, now only the memories and vestiges of the adventurers remain. This is the story of a handful of them who found their home in floating stones and debris so far away they were forgotten.

The scenes in The Asteroid Field Forever are excerpts from dreams, images that have been etched into the subconscious like postcards of distant places seen far away in an instant through a train window. There is no time to see every detail or know what happens there, just an image, all the stories behind it must be imagined by you.

Like a faded dream, but never forgotten.


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