Fear and Delight

Steve Lawler (AKA Mojoko, AKA Mojokoworld) is an Iranian-born British artist who spent his youth in Hong Kong and now resides in Singapore. Spending his formative years in Hong Kong deeply affected his sensibilities — the infectious energy of neon lights, people, sights, sounds, and the juxtaposition of Western and Asian culture became the palette Steve would use to become Mojoko.

Mojoko’s work is an exploration of Trash Pop culture colliding with the old and historical. Reacting to the bombardment of images of today’s visual culture, he reworks and spits out mutations of the glossy pop advertising world. Learn More



Welcome to the Opera of Horrors! where spirits from the past and the future collide in a frenzy, seeking retribution for their wrongdoings. Exploring the violent past of humans, these ghosts retell the story in this theatre of nightmares. The beasts chase heroes and wrestle with their demons to secure a better spot in the afterlife. This action-packed nightmare is one of Mojoko’s signature, hyper-detailed landscapes, taking over 80-100 hours to create.

This Drop is part of a week-long celebration of stand-out Asia based artists in collaboration with Crypto Art Week Asia , which takes place in Singapore from Sep 28-30 at the iconic Haw Par Villa. You may want to also check out the Drop simultaneously being held on the same date by Indonesia-based artist,
Arya Mularama also known as Gogoporen, GREAT PAIN .

Physical Goods

The Collector who wins the 1/1 artwork "Opera of Horrors" will also receive a signed, physical print of the work.
Size of print is 125cm x 70cm 🙂

Collectors who win an edition of "Path to Destruction" or "Death Stare!" will also receive a signed, physical print of the work.
Size of print is 50cm x 70cm 🙂


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