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Bridge to Valhalla

So was Helgi beside the chieftains
like the bright-growing ash beside the thorn-bush
and the young stag, drenched in dew,
who surpasses all other animals
and whose horns glow against the sky itself.

Exclusive to Makers Place.
© Nicolás Leas-Celyn MMXIX

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  • 5734 x 4541 px, JPEG (9.8 MB)
  • This is a signed and limited edition digital creation.
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Very beautiful. I am very interest in the 2/2 Edition.

Nicholas Leslie

Thank you, it is stuck in automatic publishing, I cannot find a way to speed it up for you I apologise.

Nicholas Leslie

I found how to speed up the publishing it should be live shortly. A thank you.


The title of your work "Valhalla" has an intrinsic meaning that manifests itself in this magnificent creation. Not all warriors had places in Valhalla. This bridge that resembles an inverted pyramid is full of meaning. Blessed are those who may be in it.

Nicholas Leslie

That is a astounding translation thank you Norma...


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