Tube Testing

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Hi there!
My name is Gert-jan Akerboom.
I am a Dutch Artist Based in Berlin.
Here some information about this Artwork…

This is a Short documentary that I made after visiting a nuclear tube testing facility.

Title: Tube Testing

File type: GIF

Image size: 600 x 512 pixel

Frames: 52 Frames

Year of creation: 2020

Additional Details:
  • 512 x 600 px, GIF (607.0 KB)
  • This is a signed and limited edition digital creation.
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I appreciate the animation that this artwork has. Slowly moving test tube after test tube from one place to the other. It has you questioning, what is the purpose of it all. It’s reminiscent of the daily drudgery we all have to endure in our lives. In terms of the image itself, it reminds me of some old Sierra Online adventure games; although those came with a purpose of entertainment. There is something quite calming and relaxing about sitting there and letting this artwork do its thing. And maybe that’s it; maybe that’s the purpose after all, just to sit back, relax and admire.


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