Something happens in the Purple world

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Outerplace. Strange things are happening in the purple world, it is blurring, it seems to disappear from time to time. what can we do?

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Luisa Espiñeira

Thank you for your purchase, moderats!!


If lightning looked like that I would understand why dogs would be scared :D


Nice work La Mirada de Luisa, Can see this as a opening shot of a horror film...

Gala Mirissa

It shows mistery and darkness...nice work!!

Mike Butler

Strange and mysterious. I like the way you let the viewer decide what is happening.


I loved those flashes that illuminate and give life to your purples. Glow in the dark, in strange lands. Mysterious light that transports us to a different dimension of your gaze ... This week I loved this creation.

Me encantó esos fogonazos que iluminan y dan vida a tus morados. Fulgor en la oscuridad, en tierras extrañas. Misteriosa luz que nos transporta a una dimensión distinta de tu mirada... Esta semana amé esta creación.


What can we do she asks? I stop for a moment to assess the situation in the image before me.

What was once my home is now in ruins. I can't stay here any longer. I know that now. I should have known when the first leaves began to fall from the tree, that was always a home for the tiny sparrows. We used to climb its branches to peep into their nests. But it's time to even leave those memories behind.

But I'd love to peep into those windows for the very last time. Oh the memories it will stir before I can finally put them all to rest and start my life anew.

AMAZING soul-stirring image Maria. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

Luisa Espiñeira

Thank you Alison!! I love to check the sensations that my images evoke in others.

ruth allen

Oh my goodness, I adore this sudden lightness and glitch transforming purple world! It’s so dreamy already, this just made me gasp!The old house and craggy trees give me a feeling of winter night walks when I was a kid. I love it!!

Luisa Espiñeira

Than you Ruth!! I love that you like it!!


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