Bickering Worlds

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"The earth entrapped my feet. The heavens stole my psyche. The world inside me loved the bickering. I, sole child of the skies, had my heart chewed by monarchs and wines."

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Indrani Mitra

I come to see your creations and don't know what to say . I just sit here looking at it and thinking what I can write to express what I feel and I am lost. Do you write as well?

Daniel Ignacio

you're too kind! that means a lot me <3 thank you. i had a background in creative writing, and love reading literature. how about you, do you write?

Indrani Mitra

I love reading poetry and literature - mostly in my mother tongue and some in English .. my writing skills are limited ..I just read and marvel at how words can be used so lyrically and expressively .


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