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Your absence sits on my skin
As layers and layers
Of melancholia
Feeding off
My flesh and bones
Until I am no more
But melancholia.


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George Boya

Blue is the most melancholic colour in the world. Loved how you combined the dark tones with golden lines creates a depth and fits so nicely the theme:)

Indrani Mitra

I read this in a poetry book - very well written no ?
Blue sadness is sweetest cut into strips with scissors and then into little pieces by a knife, it is the sadness of reverie and nostalgia: it may be, for example, the memory of a happiness that is now only a memory, it has receded into a niche that cannot be dusted for it is beyond your reach; distinct and dusty, blue sadness lies in your inability to dust it, it is as unreachable as the sky, it is a fact reflecting the sadness of all facts.

Indrani Mitra

Thank you George :)