Jonathan Pritchard is a visual, experiential, and crypto-based curator, creator, and designer celebrating Life and the beauty within it. His journey into visual art started with reading GI Joe comic books and watching the Transformers cartoon. He wanted to grow up to be a comic book artist until he realized he'd need to draw an entire comic in less than a month every month. He chose painting instead.

He got a degree in fine art from Berea College in Berea KY and his love of digital art started early as he almost got expelled for shooting his final project slides with a digital camera and getting slides printed instead of shooting slide film directly. He's never looked back and currently chooses to create work with an iPad Pro + Apple Pen + Procreate.

For the past year he has been more and more interested in the crypto space and its unique opportunities and challenges for creators to make their mark on the [digital] world by getting involved with CryptoVoxels where he hosts a VR gallery of his work.

He is also a professional mentalist, entertainer, and keynote speaker on the psychology of influence. He has authored several books including "Think Like A Mind Reader," is the creator of "Mind Reader University" where you can learn to apply the power of fundamental motivational psychology in presentations, sales, and negotiation processes, as well as being a martial arts enthusiast.

When not traveling to speak & entertain, you can find him playing banjo and practicing Wing Chun Kung Fu at home in Chicago IL.