The last singing Firefly

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Deep in the void where light cannot reach, where sound fears its own echo, he sat watching the little Firefly that circled above his head. Like a tiny white dot, this little Firefly was lost in the sea of shadows. It was still dark, and the Firefly was already exhausted, … (read more)

Deep in the void where light cannot reach, where sound fears its own echo, he sat watching the little Firefly that circled above his head. Like a tiny white dot, this little Firefly was lost in the sea of shadows. It was still dark, and the Firefly was already exhausted, trying to light its way. With a final blink, it fell straight into his hands, as hard and fast as a too-large drop falls from a stalk, collecting the remaining tiny drops. It fell, but it didn't break, and he knew it because the little bug was still shining. It was hard for him to see through the thick mask that hid his face, and he wanted so much to see this pure white light, to feel its warmth and joy. But when he took off his mask and looked at the fading glow of the Firefly, he felt nothing but loneliness. What was it like for a Firefly to die without ever getting out of this void, what was it like to know that you were going to die, being forgotten by everyone? He knew this very well and understood what it was, for he himself had spent his eternity in this darkness, being forgotten and abandoned by all, spending his days alone…
Have you ever heard the singing of the fireflies? Have you ever thought that they can sing and talk to each other? He had never heard them, and he didn't know what they could talk about. But when he heard the last song of the Firefly, he could understand what it was calling. Like a small lost child calling for its mother, this bug called for help, but unfortunately its voice was too weak to reach the others. And this song was like the cry of a wounded animal, like the last ray before sunset, it was so vibrant that he wanted to take up the song of this little Firefly, amplifying its voice. He wanted to sing with it so that the other fireflies could hear him. But the time dragged painfully on, and his voice was lost in the silence, and the other fireflies did not answer. The baby had lost hope and was now slowly dying, its light growing fainter and soon extinguished.
Why didn't the other fireflies hear him? Why didn't other fireflies come to his call? Perhaps because he was the last Firefly in this dark world, and there was simply no one to answer him. He got here like everyone else, fell behind, got lost, but tried to fight. He was just a little stronger than his brothers, so he became the last singing Firefly.
Putting his mask back on, he hugged his thin and fragile legs and began to think.
Who is he? He had a frail, light body, a black weeping mask that usually covered his face, and a hole. A huge hole in the chest. Which he didn't hide because he didn't like it. Not at all. He considered it an integral part of himself. It was just that when his hole was open, he felt empty. He wanted to fill it, to get rid of this frightening feeling forever, but there was nothing to fill it with. He was constantly thinking: Something was missing from his chest, leaving such a huge hole in it, something that made him special. But now, whatever it was, he didn't have that important item. And he lost his power, sinking into this abyss. Are there others like him? What do they think? Do they wonder if something very important has been taken away from them? Or is it, like this Firefly, the last of its kind? All he remembered was the name. His only name. Why it was his, he didn't know. Just thinking about it made it glow with a pure white light, like this dead Firefly. It was just that his body was beginning to come to life, and the desire to really live was awakening in him.
Then he thought. And he and the Firefly were so much alike. His name is the light that illuminates his path in this impenetrable void. But like that little Firefly, it doesn't have enough light of its own. He needs help to get out of this sticky dark cage. But how do you call for help if you don't have a voice of your own? He could only imitate, and the song of the poor Firefly was the only sound he could hear in the dead silence. As he began his song, he waited for someone to answer. He sang loudly and his white light grew brighter and brighter. Finally, he heard someone calling his name. A tiny white dot appeared in the distance, trying to make its way toward him. He got to his feet and took his first step in life. His weak legs staggered and he fell with the first step, but he didn't give up. He got up and went forward again, stumbling, falling, and getting up again, clutching at a tiny piece of light. A fresh wind blew. The wind was pushing at his back. And accidentally, having overdone it, and pulled him forward. He took off like a cork from the depths of the black sea. He was blinded by a bright light blue, like the ocean, the sky. He held his breath and stared into the deep lake.
And then it flew back down.
If you want to fly, find your wings first. He realized it when he hit the hard ground hard. There was a crunch, and he was afraid that it was his frail body that had shattered. He lay looking up at the blue sky, afraid to move, looking at the stars, the stars looking at him curiously.
Funny picture…
But suddenly something very carefully put an arm around him and lifted him to his thin, weak legs. He dusted himself off, turned, and met the gaze of a very interesting creature. They could only guess at each other's looks, though, since they both had masks to hide their faces. But both immediately realized that they had finally found each other...

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