Sentinels, Part I

sen·ti·nel /ˈsent(ə)nəl/ A soldier or guard whose job is to stand and keep watch. We are the guardians of our world, our dreams, our memories. Like clouds in the sky, we are ever evolving in form and purpose. Travelers. Sentinels. Despite the various forms expressed throughout our lives, we maintain a notion of self. Yet the memories often contain a version of us, perhaps strange or foreign to the now. Just as a cloud is seen as a novel form when viewed from many different perspectives, the framing of our experiences helps to establish who we are, and guide the forces that grow and thrust us into our next moments. “Sentinels" is an autobiographical and surrealist exploration of the experiences in the life of artist Matt Wilson; the isolation of COVID, loss of life, and self-discovery. Each scene, each cloud, is frozen in space & time like a statue in a grand gallery locked away, long forgotten. The worlds that surrounds them are intended to set the stage for each moment.