Coinciding with Shahin's new solo show PYRAMID SCHEMES opening Saturday, November 6th at 5656 Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles. Releasing The β€˜META π“‚€ KEMET’ NFT collection, A historic series of meticulous artworks created by Marwan Shahin and animated by Elie Eid. Shahin's conclusion of years of researching Ancient Egyptian and creating his own interpretation with his signature style in continuation to the Ancient Egyptian body of work left behind, Shahin wanted to do what his ancestors were doing 7000 years ago, which is to tell and document their history through imagery and art. In 2011 after the horrible police brutality cases being widely discussed over social media, young people started protesting against the Egyptian government. After the persistence in Tahrir square and all over Egypt, the Egyptian people took down the corrupted regime. For The META π“‚€ KEMET Collection Shahin has drawn and referenced from archival photos of the revolution to assure accuracy. These multi-layered pieces are deep in hidden messages, works telling events and facts that actually happened in the uprising in the time frame of 2011-2013 and carving the Modern Egyptian history on the walls of the Metaverse.