Mark McKenna

Alice In Cryptoland II

Mark McKenna is a 35 year veteran of the comic book industry. In that time he has worked on Batman, Wolverine, Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and more recently on Star Wars, counting close to 1000 comic credits in all.

Mark's work can be seen in Legendary Picture Books PACIFIC RIM movie prequel as well as Dark Horse Comic’s Star Wars-The Old Republic: The Lost Suns. Mark has also created, written, inked and published the Sci Fi/Horror COMBAT JACKS comic book mini series. Learn More



Come revisit Alice and her Wonderland cast of unusual characters.. The Cheshire Cat, the Hookah Caterpillar, the Jabberwocky from Alice through the Looking Glass and the angry Red Queen.

We all knew Alice in Wonderland as a beautiful and magical place throughout our childhood. Now that we have advanced into adulthood, we can see that this Wonderland is filled with much more nuance. What was once a children's playground has now become an adult's playground. Enjoy...but do so responsibly ;)

Collector Bonus

Collectors that purchase any 3 unique artworks from this drop will receive an edition of "Alice Meets the Cheshire Cat."
Additionally, for McKenna's next drop, only Collectors of "The Red Queen" Open Edition will qualify for the Collector's Raffle.

Open Limited Editions

Open Editions available for 24 hours only!


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