Vessel of the Dream God

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"You know your nightmares well, child, but your confusion is in the way. Your reality is weakening your desire to wander."

Additional Details:
  • 1050 x 1400 px, GIF (47.5 MB)
  • This is a signed and limited edition digital creation.
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George Boya

Stunning creation! Love the color combination, very balanced:)

Daniel Ignacio

thank you so much! :)


Recent History

Collector Activity Date
Sent by MantaXR 48 days ago
Purchased for Ξ0.20000 ($71.04) 54 days ago
Placed an offer for Ξ0.20000 ($70.74) 54 days ago
Placed an offer for Ξ1.15000 ($268.34) 99 days ago

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