The First

I've always wanted to create a futuristic sci-fi universe of my own, and this series is my first attempt at that. The idea of "The First" has actually been brewing for some time: A few years ago, I created two artworks for each of my brothers as gifts - two scenes in space. I was especially proud of them because they were my first "realistic" pieces, and I had made everything from scratch, using fractals. A sun, the stars in the background, a sentient mushroom planet, and even a Deathstar. But then I thought, who was behind the camera? Who was watching the Deathstar approach the strange mushroomy planet? So I added a mini-story to each scene, in the form of a kind of "Captain's Log", with the unknown observer expressing dismay at the potential destruction of a previously unknown kind of life. The six pieces in this series introduce us to this unknown species, and I'm looking forward to discovering more about them together with you =) The story is a big part of the art so be sure to read each one.