Growing up, I always thought of myself as the exact opposite of the "artistic type". My favourite subjects were physics, computer science, and math - which is why ever since 1999, when I first saw the Mandelbrot set on a friend's Linux machine, I've been fascinated with fractals.

A few simple formulae could create such beautiful patterns... Visual beauty through math! Discovering that, and that the natural world itself, from broccoli to galaxies, could be described with fractal geometry, had a huge impact on me.

I suddenly saw the world differently. The universe and everything in it became a work of art.

Eventually, processing power caught up, and 3D fractals were discovered in 2009. I became aware of their existence in 2011, and that was it. I've been learning how to use them to create art ever since.

Ultimately, what drives me is knowing that I might capture the imagination of others in the same way that mine was captured in 1999. I hope to drive the more scientifically-minded towards the appreciation and practice of art, as well as, the more art-minded towards critical thinking and the appreciation of science.