The name Macy Gray is synonymous with incredible music. Macy Gray, the renowned artist, actor, activist and strong woman, is no stranger to saying what needs to be said and acting on her words. The musical bodies of work Gray has produced throughout her career are a testament to her exquisite vision and unyielding devotion to her craft. Her sleek, sultry, and mature take on R&B draws from decades’ worth of history. Yet, her ability to still sound forward-thinking and fresh is what reaffirms and reasserts her as a signature rarity in music who millions continue to treasure.
Gray’s talents resound beyond music as well. She starred in Tyler Perry’s Black Reel Award-winning For Colored Girls and would grace the screen everywhere from Brotherly Love and Cardboard Boxer to NETFLIX’s hit Fuller House. Moreover, she made a now legendary appearance in Training Day alongside Academy® Award winner Denzel Washington—one of many on-screen hallmarks.
Since Gray broke into the music scene in 1999 with the release of her debut, triple-platinum album, How Life is, she has become a powerhouse of R&B and Soul. She has amassed a devoted global fan base and sold over 25 million total albums globally. A five-time GRAMMY® Nominee, Gray received the GRAMMY® Award for Best Pop Vocal Performance in 2000 for her iconic song “I Try” and has received two BRIT Awards.
Gray’s latest album will be coming out in 2022. Titled The Reset, the album is primed to create further discussion about what is happening in today’s world and will help redefine what Pop music should be while still providing music lovers with amazing music, good times and a great message.