*Dont send here unless you have been prompted to send*

This burn account's wallet address: 0xC67Dc7cCF75748a2cc764Dc7E4b3EE502BCf1dA8

For the "I MISS BELLE" drop Bad egirl edition burn make sure to check the number of burned pieces here hasn't reached 32 in total, any sent after that number are ineligible to receive one of the 16 piece from the edition.
First come first served!

Dont send here unless you have been given the word by @lushsux that the burn is open for business.
When you do send its 2 of any of @lushsux's pieces on Makersplace to receive one from the edition of 16.
Come join the @lushsux discord here : https://discord.gg/M9XWSdXt to find out when to send in for the burn!