Cosmic Dreamery

Lumi is a Seattle-based digital artist who creates vibrant and imaginative dreamscapes inspired by the surreal and psychedelic qualities of life. Immersed in the nature, art, and culture of climes like Iceland and Scandinavia Lumi creates lush and vivid scenes that stimulate the senses and invigorate a passion for living and curiosity. Each piece is a unique expression created with the intent to uplift and inspire children of every age and background. With more than 5 billion views on GIPHY, 150,000 followers on Instagram, and clients like Louis Vuitton, Netflix, and Adobe, Lumi is one of the foremost digital artists in the world. Learn More



In a fully immersive series of surreal yet familiar artworks, Lumi invites you on a visual and heartfelt journey—finding joy and fulfillment in the world of dreams and its intersection with the path to self-discovery.

Dreams are more than a nocturnal pastime—they are sacred experiences that pull back the curtain of our defenses and inhibitions and reveal to us the true nature of our Being. By thoughtfully considering them, we find important answers about who we are and why we are here.

Rise to the occasion of your Being and join a cosmic journey encapsulating the rapturous interstellar climax of color, tone, and insight woven from Lumi’s cosmic loom on March 9th, 2022.


When the dreamer is ready the Path appears...

Exclusive for the owner of Sea of Stars, Lumi has prepared a Cosmic Gateway. This 1/1 artwork has been held in reserve for the winner of the 1/1 auction – a dreamer bold enough to seek their purpose and glory.

Open Limited Editions

There is joy and purpose in the oscillations and rumbling of the thunder... Paikea – available for 72 hours only.


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