Lucas Zanotto is a designer, animator and director who was born in Italy and is now based in Helsinki, Finland. Zanotto is known for his playful take on design, which uses shape, form and color to instill a youthful sense of delight. His creations are bright and joyful, providing users with a much needed visual break from the complexities of today’s world. Never afraid to experiment with new styles and push the boundaries of his design, Zanotto has partnered with prolific contemporary artists like Kaws, Felipe Pantone, Shantel Martine and Josh Sperling.

Zanotto’s artwork has been praised internationally and he has been the recipient of the Apple Design Award, Golden Lion in Cannes, Gold at BDA Promax International, Main Price at ITFS, Best Promotional Animation at Ottawa Animation Festival, YCN Professional Award and more. Learn More



Animals is a collection of seamlessly animated loops with a whimsical twist. Shapes and geometry are used to tell the stories of various creatures by capturing their complex characteristics through the simplest of forms. Abstract movements and an extremely minimalist design approach combined with physics and a whole lot of personality to bring to you: Animals.

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