Hello, I'm loop.cut, a 3D artist living and working in Melbourne (Australia). I just spent the last year in lockdown, and during that time I decided to make a new 3D looping animation from scratch every day for an entire year, or until I went mad, or ran out of ideas, or died of COVID.

The 365 Collection is, at its heart, a visual story about a man's descent into madness, self-loathing, impostor syndrome, and fear of failure. But it's not all bad, some of the loops are quite nice and the music is pretty rad. Some of them meant something, some of them meant nothing, but all of them were important to me in one way or another and it makes me happy to be able to share them with you now. Learn More



Round 2 of the 365 Collection, featuring six unique pieces that each explore a different method of mesh manipulation. From the first day I started using Blender I've been deeply interested in the myriad ways it allows you to completely fuck up a mesh, intentionally or otherwise, and I spent quite a lot of time in the early days just figuring out new and inventive ways to destroy things in a satisfying manner. These six pieces, chosen from the 365 daily pieces that make up the full collection, represent my best attempts at wrecking something beautiful.


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