Little Bird

The power of information controls all areas of society. Those who inform can manipulate the decisions of each individual from a transcendental aspect such as political and ideological choices, to daily decisions such as choosing what you are going to eat or how you are going to dress. Individual determinations are increasingly affected by the propaganda and advertising that we consume on a daily basis. In this scenario, the little bird appears as an allegory to the individual who collects. This bird accumulates elements to create its nest, just as we collect information in our minds to generate our own criteria. Our nest is a framework of images, rumours, created truths and dreams. The little bird becomes weak and confused when he accumulates a lot of weight, the equivalent of an overwhelming amount of data that it cannot process, only consume unconsciously. There is the case of some birds that are not satisfied with the superficial mountain of objects to create their nest, for this reason they dig in search for truths with more meaning. Those birds want to build reflective minds that do not allow themselves to be manipulated.