Lesik Iren was born in Chisinau, Moldova in 1983. Took studies at the Art School 'Ginta Latina', Graduated from a College of Art 'Al. Plămădeală' and Moldova Academy of Music, Theater and Fine arts. From the first years of studies began to participate in various exhibitions, where she won prizes, several times a year she participates in national exhibitions. She also held several own exhibitions in Germany, France, Russian Federation, Moldova.

- 2009. 29 september. Personal exhibition "Taina visului". Russian Federation, Moscow
- 2010. 07 January. Personal exhibition "Taina visului". Moldova;
- 2011. Personal exhibition "Visurile Moldovei". Fihtah, Germany;
- 2015. International exhibition "Fantastische Venus". Fihtah, Germany;
- 2017. July. Festival d'Aquarelle de Brioude, France.

In 2019 became an honorary member of the Union of Artists of Moldova. She creates her artwork in traditional materials and techniques, such as oil paints, watercolor and acrylic, but over the past 10 years she has also become involved in photography and digital art. Her art and works reveal the beauty of the world through femininity and sensuality.