Ladislas is a French Artist based in «Barcelona». Specialized in «Colorful and detailed Art», Ladislas is a kind of «graphic chameleon» that is working both digitally and traditionally, mixing various techniques to experiment and create vivid and bold Artworks, full of details that are reflecting his vision of the world.
Attracted by images since a young age, creation has taken a big place in his life since childhood ( from drawing/customization of sneakers, bags, to creating and playing music in a band for 11 years...).

Self-Taught in the Drawing and painting Field, He learned «Digital Painting» on the web watching Tutorials on YouTube and being inspired with Artists from All around the World.

Ladislas started to work as an Illustrator. A lot of experimenting was necessary to find his own graphical language.

The painting technique on the digital medium is almost the same as the traditional one: Everything is hand drawn and painted using its "graphic tablet". No photograph or photographic textures are included in his images. Everything is painted like a classic painter would do but with the freedom and new opportunities that Digital software and creation allows.

In parallel to his digital work, Ladislas began to paint on canvas and transfer his knowledge learned in Digital Art into Traditional. He uses various mediums such as "watercolor", “acrylics”, “water based markers” and “spray-paint” to build his images and paintings. No matter the medium, digital or traditional, Ladislas is willing to transfer his vision of the society and world and share his love for living as well as raising awareness toward the preservation on planet Earth by showing its richness and diversity.