Art studio KULIBIN was created by Andrey and Alexey Kulibin in 2020 as a socially oriented art startup.
Andrey Kulibin is a self-taught artist without a specialized education. Born and raised in Kharkiv, Ukraine, where he founded an art studio with his brother Alexey Kulibin.

The absence of specialized art education gives absolute flexibility in implementation.
We have created a high-tech studio, where we use equipment with numerical control (CNC) and 3D printers to create physical art objects. Experimenting with various techniques, materials and forms, unique artistic solutions were found that could draw attention to exciting social problems.
The studio explores the theme of the transformation of society in the modern technological world, where Human attention has acquired the status of a commodity.Corporations known to all have learned how to professionally extract and sell the attention of their users to advertisers. Attention retention technologies at the screen are getting smarter every year, as hundreds of smart guys work on the back of this screen (for good salaries), whose actions are dictated by the corporation's business model. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter... All of these giants have profit maximization at the core of their business model. Attention mining is incredibly commercially viable. All this entails such phenomena as the polarization of society, fake news, digital addiction, election hacking, and so on.
The inspiration for working with this topic was the research of psychotherapist Dr. Andrey Kurpatov, as well as the American director Jeff Orlovsky with his feature films The Social Dilemma, Chasing Glaciers and Chasing Corals.
This influenced the creation of the first conceptual series of works The Epoch (2020), Cult series (2021) and works in NFT (2022).

Now, while I am writing this text, the 22nd day of the war in Ukraine is ending. We are making a special shelter for a family with children in the basement of our studio in Kharkov. Our entire city is bombed with rockets every day, and Russia continues to feed its people with propaganda and claims that there is no war in Ukraine. Thousands of civilians were killed. The polarization of society is as contrasting as ever. A new world is being formed right now and it depends only on us how it will be.