KrikCO is a sci-fi digital artist and one of the most prolific sci-fi creators in the crypto art space today. KrikCO, a blockchain enthusiast, has been creating artworks on MakersPlace since its inception. The rare digital art movement presented a turning point for KrikCO, who was able to combine his passions of digital art and cryptocurrency, while simultaneously capturing the attention of futuristic art lovers around the world. KrikCO’s artwork is centered around possibility. It acts as a teaching tool, presenting viewers with various ideas and future scenarios in which technology, cosmic forces, and humanity intertwine. Despite a heavy focus on futurism and science fiction, nature plays an important role in KrikCO’s artwork — It is intentionally left untouched to highlight the potential relationships and interactions between our natural roots and future endeavors.

Exhibitions & galleries:
MakersPlace VR Gallery Opening in Decentraland 6/26 2020

Tara Digital Collective "Private Worlds: Exploring Digital Environments" 1/23 2021

Artsy Viewing Room "Hubble" 1/30 2021

"Thank you" Exhibition 9/17 2021