Kiwi Kawaii is a young artist polyglot girl with a big mission!

When she was born, a gift was given to her. Years went by and she unwrapped the gift every day a little bit, until eventually she found her present as a talent for drawing. Being filled with joy and happiness upon grasping this gift, the world suddenly began to feel a warm, comfortable and cute place to be in. Wherever Kiwi Kawaii walked by, that space became kawaiied. Whatever she looked at, or whatever she thought of, it turned into the cutest thing ever.

Kiwi Kawaii's talent has a special power. She can turn sad, mundane, boring events, even scary things and any drama, into the cutest perspective. Kiwi Kawaii can find a drop of water in your empty glass, and turn it into a magnificent cascade ^__^

The word kawaii is derived from a phrase that refers to blushing but through time the meaning of the word has changed and is nowadays translated to 'cute'. But kawaii is actually so much more than just cute: it's a huge part of Japanese culture and can be found in anime, fashion, art, music, lifestyle and more!