I believe my work can create a dialogue about what it means to make things. That it can engage through its presence in a space, that otherwise might be left to chance. It has purposeful and intelligent thought behind it.

In the NFT space, I see it as similar to how I approach my art in other mediums, like sculpture, but at the same this is very much a new frontier, and leaves the door open to explore things in new ways. There's an element of surprise when something you create something that has never before existed in the world until you created it. This phase of creation is the phase in which what you made is still brand new to you, it has been born out of you, before it didn't exist, and now it does, part of you but separate.

This phase is a time to step back and savor, to appreciate what you have made. What does it say to you. Where will it live? What is its larger context of being? The larger context can be a virtual world, in a community, with a collector, and ultimately with my audience. In the act of following through on this vision that I engage with the larger audience, and the resonance of what I create can be found here as well. When I create my intent is to bring joy and light, illumination and provoke thought...depth, feeling and imagination to help in seeing things in ways we've never seen them before.