Hi there! I'm Katy and welcome to my store.

I've drawn since I was a kid but had a very tumultuous relationship with art all of my life, battling life-long procrastination, until one day in my mid-20s, I decided to quit art altogether. If I really loved art, I thought it was supposed to be easy and fun, instead of grueling and painful.

Luckily, I found life coaching which helped my wrangle the negative voices in my head and allowed me to find my way back to my art. I now have the best relationship with my art than I ever have and this is the most prolific I have been. This storefront is a select few of my work in the last year since finding my way back to art. I'm very proud of the work in this gallery and very glad I didn't give up. I'm now a life coach that helps other artists with this struggle. So welcome! Please enjoy :)