A life long journey through the right hemisphere of the brain, trying to understand the left.

A student who would doodle on all his school work and never turn it in. Most creations are very rare, some have even been destroyed, or lost in the physical realm.

Now, we are in the 21st century

Inspired by past creations to create new modern creation that will never be lost or destroyed.

Hi, I'm Cosmo but you can call me "KAMISAMA" or "donkihote" .
I am a pixel artist for an LLC my friends and I started. We have a few small games under our belt and one larger one that is in the works.

I mostly enjoy making GIFs and Patterns, and sometimes edits when I'm not working on art for the game.
And recently glitch art and photo edits,

I have old art in my collection that has never seen the light of day, and in the future there will be much more art designed with the collector in mind.

Hopefully you will enjoy my art as much as I enjoy making it. One day when our game takes off, you may even have a valuable piece of art.

Each purchase is an investment in me and will help push me forward to work harder to make sure your collection becomes valuable.

I do this so I can try to attain financial freedom, not only for my sake but for my families sake. I am recently a father and my priorities have shifted. I want to make something of myself so my son can grow up and be proud of his dad. And of course I want something to give him when I pass.. maybe I am thinking too far into the future, but I spent a lot of time disregarding the future and dwelling on the past.

So time to make some moves forward!

Never thought I would see the day where artists get recognized while they are living, or see starving artists become stars.

I hope I can bring something to the table!

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I hope we enjoy our time together!