Jumper Maybach

Quantum Genesis

Colors that jump off the canvas. Lines that sweep across the panorama. Patterns, phrases and textures that make a bright, bold statement. Jumper Maybach art is a constant evolution of color and audacious mixing of techniques. The result is surprising and compelling abstract masterpieces that have inspired collectors, connoisseurs, galleries, and art enthusiasts alike.

From roots in the Houston, Texas area, Jumper Maybach has gone on to exhibit in Dubai, Venice, the Galerie du Louvre in Paris, Barcelona and Austria. Upon seeing his vivid style, he was dubbed the Jackson Pollock of the 21st century. The art—and captivating story behind it—led to the development of an award-winning documentary film about the artist’s life.

Jumper Maybach was born from a very real, very relatable story. Ben Workman suffered decades of emotional abuse and being marginalized for his sexual orientation. In 2010, the Jumper persona emerged, giving Ben the power to manifest the artist he’d never known himself to be and the confidence to create his art with a purpose—to help end hate and intolerance.

Jumper Maybach has attracted a growing international following. As the artist and brand continue gaining attention and accolades, original and commissioned art pieces are selling for 10x what they were just a few years ago. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring the beauty, value and inspiration of Jumper Maybach into your life and collection. Learn More



Dreams are mysterious representations of our deep, inner conscious. As we sleep, they spring to life, sweeping through our minds to deliver powerful images, emotions and ideas.

But where do they come from?

"Quantum Genesis" seeks to capture the mystery origin of dreams. To propel the viewer on a journey into the celestial heavens—through space, time and the vivid depths of their own unconscious state of mind.

Will you reach spiritual understanding of your own existence within the universe?


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