*** Colorful Art To Brighten Your Day! ***

Hello and welcome to my makersplace shop, where I will be presenting limited edition digital art for your delectation!

I am an artist working in textiles, collage, photography and digital media. My focus is on color, pattern and texture. Many of my digital artworks are taken from the textiles and collages that I make. Most of my art incorporates recycled and repurposed materials.

I live and work in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland. I am married to Rob, and we live with Brock dog; Minnow cat; and Connie chicken.

Art has been my life's passion and I will always be learning, exploring and experimenting. I work in a home studio with views of our garden and the fields and trees beyond to provide infinite inspiration.

My hobbies and interests include:- making art!; environmental issues; animal welfare; walking; veg*n cookery; vegetable gardening; photography; travel; watching movies, TV and YT; eating out; reading; writing; and listening to music.