ŧɇȼħ nøɨɍ

Minneapolis-born digital artist jrdsctt is a MakersPlace OG and a staple of the community with over 250 unique collectors on MakersPlace. With his Genesis Drop, jrdsctt invites a new element into his creative process: artificial intelligence.

Heavily influenced by the music and lyrics of Nine Inch Nails and inspired by their former art director Rob Sheridan (1998–2014), jrdsctt uses glitch techniques such as pixelsorting and databending to explore unknown yet somehow familiar settings that occupy liminal spaces. Learn More



Vibrant and brightly colored cyberpunk imagery is meant to capture the irony of humanity’s last moments, and how beautiful yet tragic it will be. At the very peak of our technological advances and being able to accomplish things our ancestors could merely dream about, only to have everything be ended by greed and inability to protect our home planet from ourselves.

The raffle for đɇnɨȺł will be open for 24 hours and is available to all collectors with a verified account.


I'm recording this, because this could be the last thing I'll ever say
The city I once knew as home is
Teetering on the edge of radioactive oblivion
A three-hundred thousand degree baptism by nuclear fire
I'm not sorry, we had it coming
A surge of white-hot atonement will be our wake up call
Hope for our future is now a stillborn dream
The bombs begin to fall and I'm rushing to meet my love
Please remember me
There is no more


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