Josh White, invites us to get inside his imaginarium where stylized ghostly beings highlight their presence on colorful and surrealistic worlds. In every one of these geometric, saturated and empty places, it is possible to feel the tragic reality of each of the ghosts, loneliness and silence, but also evoking to the beauty of this, peaceful and imperturbable.

The contrast and the overlapping geometric shapes on his work have an immaculate balance respecting a critical order to avoid chaos, giving us the impression he is trying to counteract the effect of destabilization on images. Some of the elements of his work usually attract us with a fatal effect and confront us in a subtle and elegant way with the inevitable reality of our mortality.

This set of elements and sensations incite us to think about the fate of their ghosts and surreal beings, who they are, what they feel, why they are in those places... and awaken in our being the desire to accompany them and fill the void of their existence.

Yohann Libot and Claudia Salas of Apt.55