Tale of the Great Iron Beard

The Tale of the Great Iron Beard begins at the mountainous district of Phlegethon, a treacherous and unforgiving land that lies between the people and the realm of the Ancient One, where only the bravest warriors dare to venture. Access is thwarted by immense cliffs and a labyrinth of impassible dark rocks and dead ends, yet the daunting topography only hints at the dangers within. It has been understood that in this land eight immortals practice druidic rituals to appease supernatural powers through the grim spectacle of sacrifice. The immortals feel no pain nor empathy and their appearance renders men staggered and dismayed. Their gaze is dark and lifeless, and their eyes bleed black from the ashes of the slain. Even the most skilled warriors cannot evade them for these immortals never sleep. Despite the perils, many have attempted the journey for it is said that if one is righteous and true, he may travel to the ends of the unholy land untethered and be granted life never-ending.