Josh Boyce Wright is an Australian-American painter born in 1992 in Miami Beach, Florida, and raised in both Pasadena, California, and Sydney, Australia. Wright grew up with much artistic influence from his family, with his mother a painter, his father a singer-songwriter, and his eventual stepfather an actor. He has also had painters, musicians, and writers in his extended family spanning from the Australian outback to Italy. His dynamic story-telling in painting is shaped too in part by characters and stories from his youth, his active imagination from growing up an only child, and while doing so with the creative energy of nearby Hollywood. His childhood was interrupted by a critical injury requiring extensive recovery and eventually his relearning to walk. His solemn struggles at a young age and his determination to overcome are later reflected in the provoking and often fierce imagery found in his work with themes sometimes having biomechanical relationship and worlds of fantasy. His appreciation of the human form was advanced further in his years working as Studio Assistant to Richard MacDonald, a renowned figurative bronze sculptor, where Wright recalls fondly contributing to such monumental pieces as "The Grand Coda" and "Allonge". True to his artistic nature, Wright makes beauty from the often obscure while doing so with deliberate realism, classical methodology, and a guiding principle in life that "one creates their own world and lives in it.”