Practice care, laugh often, make thoughtful choices!

Doc Shua was on course for life as a statistical actuary, when his car broke down in the high desert Mesa between Albuquerque and Las Cruces, New Mexico. With his shirt pulled over his head to provide the implication of shade, and a third of a cup of melted ice from an old soda, he made his way in search of assistance. While scuffling his way over the prickly pair and sage, he was stung through his sandals by the rare and beautiful scorpiones chromatomia. As is often the case with a chromatomia sting, Shua slipped into a hallucinogenic fever and eventual blackout. He awoke in the presence of curandero Don Pablo Kline-Rodriguez (half Jewish on mother's side). Owl had directed Don Pablo to the unconscious Shua, and with the help of the spirits of the land, he was able to retrieve him, keep him breathing for six days, and truth be told, give him a decent shave and a haircut. When he awoke, Doc Shua told Don Pablo of his visions. They became convinced that the scorpion had been waiting for him, and that he would have to give up his dream of living with death and numbers. Handing him a brush and a box of pigments, Don Pablo blew out the evening candles saying, "you'll have to paint your way out of this desert." Shua awoke the next morning at a truck stop with his car and a blanket that was crudely painted in the image of a winged armadillo crushing a rainbow scorpion in his scaly maw. His paintings, "maps," as he calls them, are shown in sweat lodges, float tanks, mobile tents, and other fine art emporiums throughout the U.S.


Joshua Levin, is a full-time cross-training cultural creative. He is a professor of anthropology at the College of Southern Nevada, a visual artist, musician, poet, educator and happy family guy. With a lifetime of balancing interests in science and art, Joshua has focused his energies on using the creative process as a means to empower healthy, meaningful relationships to self, society, and the environment. He loves to share and collaborate in these arts of living and has had the good fortune to do so across the U.S. and internationally. "Say 'yes' to the adventure that calls to your heart. Perhaps I'll see you there and we can celebrate artfully, beautifully, awake and alive, content and inspired in the brilliance of it all. Get in communication with your unconscious. Nurture your dreams with your practice. Fulfill the promise of all that you are. Love yourself that you may genuinely love others."

A note to collectors who are new to #NFT: It may be helpful for you to know that most artists are happy to talk with you about art or any particular piece. Feel free to write us! In addition, when making an offer, it useful to keep in mind the cost on the artist's end. In addition to their time, each piece or edition currently takes approximately $100 to mint on the block chain. There is also a 15% commission to the marketplace, followed by taxes on direct payments (credit cards).