I'm a 25yr old photographer based in the beautiful high country of Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.

I love taking photos for the feelings and memories that are attached to them. A photo is so much more than just an image! It excites me every time i get to capture something special that evokes emotion and portrays a feeling.

My style is pretty much as natural as possible. I like to do shoots out in nature embracing the surroundings, and using what they have to offer. I try to produce images that feel "calm" and "effortless".

With a background in Graphic Design and Photography, I enjoy being creative and captivating attention. I thrive when I get to work with models and do my darnedest to make them feel comfortable (however bad my jokes are), so they can have just as much fun as I am.

The creative industry excites me and is ever changing and growing. Developing my personal style and feel has been an incredible journey so far, and I look forward to continual growth and inspiration in my photography.