I am a NFT artist from the United Kingdom, specializing in creature and character art, design, concept art and illustration. All my digital work is created, drawn and painted using an Ipad Pro and the Apple Pencil on the Procreate painting app and/or Photoshop and a Wacom intuos drawing tablet and wacom pen.

My favourite subject to draw, paint and illustrate are creatures and animals of all kinds, from existing to fantastical, I love how each one is uniquely different, and the beautiful colours they possess. Bringing each one to life on the canvas in my own unique way is especially rewarding, whether from imagination or a creature from reality.

I have a background in traditional art and made the switch to working digitally around 2011. I still enjoy sketching using pen and marker and sometimes pencil in my sketchbooks. Some of my creature concepts and designs start off this way, and these are the type of signed sketches on toned paper I do for the collectors who purchase a piece with this type of unlockable. While other creatures and pieces start off with a digital sketch using the Procreate app on an iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil or Photoshop and my old trusty Wacom Intuos 4 (Large) and the Wacom pen.

I enjoy pouring my time and energy, heart and soul into painting detailed, intricate pieces as well as very expressive and painterly work.

I hope you enjoy browsing my gallery as much as I enjoyed painting the pieces and making some of my work your own,

A big thank you and much love to all my current and future collectors, and artists I've met in the NFT space. You all inspire and encourage me to keep creating the best work possible every day with your support, and I appreciate each and every one of you.

Please do come and follow me and say hello on Twitter, I'd love to speak to you and talk about NFTs and if you're interested to know more I'm always open to share about my work and take you deeper in to the thought processes and meanings behind my paintings,


Jonathan Hopkins