Joel Rea is a highly acclaimed and multi award-winning artist known for his surreal, allegorical paintings. Rea’s oil on canvas works stand somewhere between genres of hyperrealism, photorealism and virtuosic Renaissance realism. From this amalgamation of influences, Rea has created a unique and recognizable style portraying social awareness and personal introspection through his impeccable execution of brush work detail. Inspired by the mysteries of the animal kingdom and the Universe beyond, Rea’s meanings and narratives touch on the vast complexity of the human condition, presenting messages embracing the ageless turmoil of human inner consciousness and our species’ unwavering desire to survive. Rea combines contemporary visuals with qualities of the sublime in painting, provoking the deepest possible emotional response through technically achieved aesthetics. Learn More



The Tiger-man gains a golden appearance symbolizing a new historic stage of artistic prosperity. The art world's union with technology lifts humanity's virtue of creative expression in this exciting crypto art renaissance as Joel Rea rides his giant golden cats into MakersPlace.

Rea juxtaposes visual elements to create an attention-grabbing story. His paintings, both beautiful and savage, make the viewer wonder about the story presented on canvas. They freeze in the moment before the inevitable happens, leaving the viewer captivated in front of a dramatic and tragic scene. His works centre around issues of survival, climate change and extinction. Rea’s symbolism is accessible and understandable, but at the same time deep and comforting, a painless vivid dream with endless possibilities.

A 30 min raffle will be held at 3:30pm PST (5/5) for a chance to win an edition of Tiger Otherkin for $1. Restricted to collectors with at least one purchased artwork on MakersPlace.

Open Limited Editions

Open for 24 hours only

** 15 min countdown will begin if 20 editions or more are purchased **


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