Im a 28 Years old 3D visual artist from Argentina.

I´ve been making animations since september 2020 when i decided to do what i love and fulfill my dreams as an 3D artist. I create anything from Cyberpunk, Scifi, anime, superheros, nature or real life animations.

I take inspiration in everything that´s around us, nature, news, movies, moods... But at the same time by watching other artist, not only 3D but the whole expectum, we are surrounded by art, everywhere you look you could finde something nice and interesting. I truly love what i do.

I´ve been growing fast on Instagram since i created my art profile 7 months ago with 3.000 followers and thousands of views with just 37 posts (April 2021). I´ve worked with many clients, including music artist such as Asher Monroe, zelly vibes and received job offers from lots of companys around the world, including an NBA team. But mainly been focused in keep learning and growing as an artist, because i think there´s always something more to learn...

But, above everything else, the best part was entering in this 3D community which has been growing day by day, getting new artist friends and making people happy through my animations.