Jenni Pasanen

Mask Obscura

Jenni Pasanen's process begins with either a direct inspiration from her GAN output or with an original idea she brings forward to realize with the GAN. In all cases, GAN is muse and collaborator. Jenni interacts with her GAN for hours on end, coaxing just the right output that will inspire her. When the satisfactory output finally lands, Jenni gets it into her hands to twist, crop, edit, and digitally paint until the artwork is unmistakably her vision. Learn More



Mask Obscura is a collaboration between Jenni and her GAN, a series of beautiful beings made of time and nature. This collection of 16 unique pieces is split into four smaller categories: Season, Element, Day, and Time. These four are the final pieces in the sold-out Mask Obscura Act I series. Act II is yet to come.


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