"An instrument of entropy adrift in the stellar schemes of time, attempting articulation of the unknown." ✨♟️⛓️⌛

Jay Toor is a Vancouver based, Indo-Canadian artist focusing on digital visual arts. He is a former programmer and digital product designer turned artist. Jay is a self-taught full-time artist with a pan-genre style which allows him to communicate with his audience with a wide range while sticking to the core themes of his works. His work ranges and fluxes between contemporary symbolic, surreal and abstract-figurative.

"I try to express my appreciation of nature and the anxieties about humanity in my work. I try to abstract the essence of ideas, memories, emotions or impulses to gain a better understanding of it or to share my perspective with others. Through my work I hope my audience can see my curiosity and fascination with what makes us who we are." - Jay Toor

He is curious and his work is an exploration. In his work he asks existential questions through his symbolic abstractions of nature, human-form and technology.

Being actively involved in multiple upcoming and in production art projects internationally has gained him attention of multiple art galleries and collectives from around the world. His digital works in form of NFTs have been well received and even acclaimed by top collectors, artists and enthusiasts on major crypto and social media platforms.

To request on-demand NFT mint and sale of an artwork, you may contact him directly.