Javier Arrés is a world-renowned motion / GIF artist and a 2019 London Art Biennale winner based in Motril, Spain. Arrés finds inspiration within the sweeping views from his childhood home overlooking his hometown and the beautiful architecture within it.

Arrés is known for his manically detailed illustrations of fantastical scenery highlighting cities, architecture and machines. He brings these worlds to life through what he calls “Visual Toys”. Through these Visual Toys, Arres invites the viewer into a fantastical world, inspiring the viewer to simply play with their imaginations. These “Visual Toys” are highly sought after and sell at record speeds and prices. Learn More



Cool Glasses is an extension, expansion and reflection on the design, idea, function and concept of one of the most magical accessories of culture, fashion and science of humanity: Glasses. They can be an element of vision, virtual reality, concealment, protection, espionage, an identity and differentiating accessory that is part of your personality and image. They provide something personal, a seductive touch, a pop icon, a cultural element … the glasses are a magical object.

This Drop features two collections of Cool Glasses, the Spectacles and Helmet Collections. Both collections will be available for purchase for 25 mins only!

Spectacles Collection (Opens 3/30 @ 3:30pm PST)
Available for 25 mins only

Helmets Collection (Opens 3/30 @ 4pm PST)
Available for 25 mins only

* Look out for the special $1 Cool Glasses. Collect the full collection and earn the Royal Crown!


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