My name-in-art is Inner Space, originally from Italy, now based in Berlin.

I started with music since I was a kid, taking a long break during my university years. Since I moved to Berlin 8 years ago, I got into the music scene again, producing space ambient tracks and other electronic music works.

For living I work as a software engineer. In the last year I got interested into audio-visuals and soundscapes. The Hubble Telescope photos inspired me to start working on a collection of space-themed short audio-visual journeys.

I just recently started working with audio-visuals with the same themes. My work will mainly be focused on short videos combining astro-photography and spacey music. This is my first official debut as a visual artist.

My aim is to unify astro-photography and art and help photographers getting some attention and profit from their work. I initiated a collaboration with, the biggest astrophotography community currently online, which will also feature the NFT sales.

First project is a collection of short videos representing the astronomic objects from the Messier Catalog (110 pieces), using mainly photos from their repository. We will share the proceedings with the community maintainers and photographers.