Hi, I'm Inês Merino and I'm a creative entrepreneur, an artist and illustrator living in Portugal, with a PASSION for people and colors. Been working professionally as a concept artist for videogames, which influences my art a lot, and now I'm very happy to be investing in my personal work.

I love all things fantasy and magic, to dig deep inside my mind and let ideas flow while I paint. I love nature, character design, psychology and different cultures - I'm always in awe for the diversity the world has. I keep myself in a state of wonder, curiosity and growth.

I've been drawing ever since I can remember. Got my degree in Fine Arts - Sculpture, where I had the chance to develop work in a lot of different mediums, both physical as digital - everything from painting, 3D, wood working, animation, installation, drawing and even glassblowing!

So here I am. Very happy to have found a place for my personal artworks to live and grow, so welcome! Please enjoy :)