The ancient city of Knidos, located on Cape Tekir at the furthest point of the Reşadiye Peninsula in Datça District of Muğla province where Aegean and Mediterranean meet, is one of the major centers of the western Anatolian coastal cities. The city consists of two parts, the mainland and the island part called “Kap Krio”. Knidos, as Strabon points out, is a “double city” in appearance and is terraced due to the mountainous structure of the land. The sea between the island and the land part was subsequently filled, thus obtaining two separate ports. Of these, the smaller one to the North was called the North Harbor. This port was used for military purposes. The southern port on the other side is allocated for merchant ships. Today, the tower on the North Harbor and the remains of the breakwater covering the harbor can be seen here. The city of Knidos was established according to the grid plan layout of Hippodamos. Because of this, four broad streets parallel to each other in the east-west direction are intersected with a steep street in the north-south direction. In accordance with the location of the land, streets and side streets sometimes intersect each other directly or with stairs.